M.I. Training Options

Motivational Interviewing Training with Jonnae Tillman

A recognized leader in the field of M.I., Jonnae Tillman creates tailored trainings for professionals in health care, early learning, social services, criminal justice and human resources that effectively and efficiently balance best practices in training with staff availability and professional goals. Participants in Jonnae’s trainings learn not just theory, but practical skills that can be applied immediately.

Training Overview

Many people have seen presentations on Motivational Interviewing, or participated in a half- or one-day training.  While a good introduction to the techniques and spirit of M.I., this level of training is only a start. Jonnae’s training not only gives professionals a thorough understanding of M.I. but also helps them learn how to use the skills in a meaningful, specific and measureable way.

  • Jonnae uses a variety of training formats, customized to each client’s needs and goals: discussion, lecture, video, written reflection, integration opportunities, practice sessions, small and large group learning.
  • Jonnae can present at Grand Rounds, speak at conferences, facilitate workshops, and/or all-staff or individual team meetings.
  • Since preparatory reading and team discussion can occur in advance, Jonnae’s in-person training focuses on practice, not just theory.
  • 1, 2 or 3-day training sessions can be scheduled over a period of time, accommodating staff availability and allowing the learning to be absorbed and put into practice between sessions.
  • Follow-up mentoring in-person or by-phone.
  • Jonnae provides specific, measurable feedback on audio/video recordings of real interactions and/or live practices.

Additional Training for Leadership and Supervision:

  • Jonnae’s M.I. training helps organization leadership incorporate Motivational Interviewing into strategies and policies.
  • Managers receive coaching on how to model M.I. in their interactions with staff, which in turn encourages staff to use M.I. in their communications.
  • Managers will learn how small adjustments in policies, protocols and paperwork can yield significant improvements in engagement.
  • Jonnae can provide training on effective meeting facilitation and strategic planning that complements the use of Motivational Interviewing at the delivery level.