Comprehensive training in the art and science of Motivational Interviewing

[   It’s dancing, not wrestling   ]


Very few patients are truly unmotivated. Instead, they are resistant to being told what to
do and how to do it. M.I. is a research-based communication style that helps your patients find their own motivation and commitment to healthy behaviors.

Social Services

M.I. is not focused on “fixing” or “educating” people, but guiding them to find their own solutions. When fully engaged in the process of change, not simply told what to do, clients are much more likely to commit to healthy behaviors and life choices.

Early Learning

M.I. recognizes that early learning professionals and the families they work with each have their own knowledge, experience and resources. By treating staff and families as
“co-experts,” M.I. fosters a different kind of communication, based on listening, collaboration, and mutual respect and acceptance.

Human Resources

Successful businesses
are rooted in successful relationships. From first steps
of hiring, to retaining and engaging employees, supervising and staff evaluations, M.I. fosters a company culture where staff and management work toward shared goals with outcomes
that benefit everyone.