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Successful business is rooted in successful strong relationships. From hiring to retaining and engaging employees, supervising, and evaluating staff, Motivational Interviewing fosters company culture where staff and management work toward mutual goals that benefit everyone.

The principles of M.I. also apply to workplace relationships: employees will uncover their own motivation for change, instead of rebelling against micro-management. These principles will create fresh perspective on your work force and invite genuine input.


  • Strategy / Policy Development: Incorporate M.I. into strategies and policies
  • Intake Paperwork: Make small adjustments in policies, protocols, and paperwork to yield significant engagement
  • Interview Process: Pose well-designed questions to elicit genuine responses, versus rote responses
  • Meeting Facilitation: Use effective meeting facilitation and strategic planning complementing the use of M.I. at the delivery level
  • Goal-Setting: Inspiring employees to align goals with actions and values
  • Management Communications: Model M.I. in staff outreach, which in turn encourages staff to improve their communications