“Receiving the MI training from Jonnae has been truly the best thing I could have done for the benefit of my patients.  I had used the old ways of interviewing patients, and I would say that after her training, I have seen better results.  My patients are surprised that I do not conduct a typical interview.  They feel as if they are listened to and understood.  In turn, they are able to initiate and maintain change on their own, but with my assistance.   I wish we had all of our staff trained by Jonnae, our patient satisfaction would very much be impacted, and our ability to provide the best care would be enhanced.”
Tania Hernandez  |  Sea Mar Health Clinic

“I am sure you hear this all the time… I don’t want to sound cliché but your series of trainings were some of the best training experiences that I have ever had. The things you taught us have already permeated my life in countless ways. I now notice how much more effective I can be by just actively listening and asking for clarification in my personal relationships as well as in my professional sphere. I only hope that when I am a Nurse Practitioner, I will be able to make my patients feel respected and listened to, like the doctor that we watched in the MI clip. Thank you so much for being such an inspiration – for leading incredible trainings, loving what you do, and for sharing your passion for MI with so many others.”
NP Student  |  Americorp Volunteer

“Jonnae Tillman has provided Motivational Interviewing training to our staff over the past several years and is always one of our most-requested presenters. She not only deepens their understanding of the topic, but also encourages staff to think creatively and consider how they can apply the ideas and skills to their current work situation. Jonnae is flexible and adaptable and always provides high quality trainings. Motivational Interviewing training has significantly enhanced the skills of our staff and has been a direct benefit to our families and children.”
Joe Varano  |  Snohomish County ECEAP

“Jonnae has a wonderful approach to working with staff; engaging them and pulling them in to want to learn more. She is responsive to the group, is interactive and extremely knowledgeable.  Motivational Interviewing is truly relevant to each person in Head Start regardless of their role. I would recommend her training to any program that cares about its staff’s ability to learn the skill of working with parents in an approach that makes a difference.”
Robin Williams & Erin Schafer  |  Olympic ESD Head Start/EHS  |  Bremerton

“Jonnae embodies and displays the Motivational Interviewing approach and style in every interaction she has with us.  She tailored the trainings for all learners in our organization; the direct line staff who work with families of young children, the supervisors who support them and for the Executive Leadership Team.  Motivational Interviewing, as taught by Jonnae, provides a set of techniques and a type of approach as organizations consider how they affect change.”
Joy Rowling  |  Oregon Child Development Coalition  |  Migrant Head Start/EHS

“Training with Jonnae Tillman was the difference between business as usual, and a new exciting way of working with clients. Her nonjudgmental and positive attitude permeated even the most resistant staff, making them comfortable, open and willing to consider a new step in client services.”
Jennifer Sass-Walton  |  Community Health Director  |  Skagit County Public Health

“Motivational Interviewing removes the pressure to “fix” things. These trainings were some the most useful – and fun – sessions we’ve ever participated in.”
Carol McCormick  |  Community Health Director  |  Columbia Valley Community Health

“I have known Jonnae for the past four years.  During that time frame she has provided training in Motivational Interviewing for us here at Educational Service District to 270 people.  Our participants have included MSW counselors, chemical dependency counselors, juvenile justice counselors, educational advocates, homeless liaisons, as well as school nurses and teachers.  Jonnae is an excellent trainer!  She is engaging, knowledgeable, kind and firm.  She keeps the pace upbeat, and mixes her methods of teaching moving between power point, lecture, story, discussion, think time, individual work, role plays both large and small group, as well as the debrief.  Each of our participants completes an evaluation form.  Many ask for more training, and specifically with Jonnae.  Participants are always reluctant to engage in the role play and yet in the end see her practices as one of the most valuable parts of the training.  Jonnae works to engage all participants at a comfortable level pushing them to try new phrases, techniques, and strategies. Each person feels empowered to try the new skills.”
Susan Martin  |  Educational Service District 105